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FOX Business
Nov 19, 2013 12:00am EST
companies. here to explain radio talk show host monica crowley and "weekly standard"'s steve hayes. both are fox news contributors. so i can't believe that we're sort of just hearing about this and figuring it out now. it is called the risk corridor. it basically it says if insurers costs are 3% more than what they targeted, we the taxpayer, will give them 50% of that difference. if it is more than 8% above what they anticipated, we're going to give them 80% of that difference. oh my! >> yeah, you're exactly right. we're just finding out about this over the last week or so but those of us who opposed obamacare all along, steve and "weekly standard," and i we were warning exactly read this. nobody read the bill. we were warning about these kind of time bombs that would blow up as the law started to be implemented. this obama fix is not even a fix -- melissa: makes it worse. >> throws off the whole risk pool. in terms, wait a minute with only people going through a broken website, that exacerbates it more, we'll drive up premiums. melissa: steve, explain to people really clearly what we're
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2013 12:00am EST
in the nick of time? now that a deal's been reached in the landmark insider trading case where does steve cohen and his top players go from here? it is all the word on wall street, let me tell you. with all the gritty details james freeman with the "wall street journal" who also worked at sec which makes me very nervous and former federal prosecutor, which also makes me nervous, fred tecce. so i'm just terrified. we're focusing what happened in the case and the deal reached and they have been managing their own money and effectively shut down. what does it mean for all the guys inside? let me ask you, james. he had four top lieutenants that stuck through him through all this. tom cahini, solomon kumen. steve kessler,. bill:hower. they're very reclusive from the photos. not high-profile guys on the outside. they stuck with him. what happens to these people? >> based on what we know so far they will be fine. this is largely the end of it i expect in the criminal zone. now we may see something else but i think basically this settles the criminal matter for them. melissa: fred, what do you th
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
to upset your staff. do you like it or hate isn't today's money talker. here, julie roginsky, steve moore and ari zolden. what do you guys think? all about the badges that you have wear arounn and go through security and they can tell when you're coming and leaving, at your desk, what do you think. julie what do you think. >> i george brownies in the green room. melissa: there is camera in there, they know about that. >> congratulations fox, i'm only one that eats it. i hate it. melissa: you hate this? >> i hate it. if you have to micromanage people why would, my whole thing is empower your employees. let them dot thing and if they stink get rid of them. why micromanage them. if you want to step up themselves get rid of them. >> i thought it funny on sec is supplying on employees. that is okay with me as long as they're not spying on me. melissa: first thing i thought are the sec is feeling about everyone. if they're spying on employees they're spying on everyone. without question, right? >> when you take the job you're under the rules of employer this seems to be going a bit too far, mon
FOX Business
Nov 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
. promoting steve jobs movie, parodying steve jobs movie. promoting obama he was parroting obama's language with that collectiveness pledge video. he doesn't have a original thought in his body. certainly not a capitalist thought. walmart succeeds because of free voluntary trade. million plus employees voluntary work for the store. people voluntarily shop at store. when they build the store it raises property values in the neighborhood. kutcher doesn't have a thought in his head. melissa: brian, ashton kutcher likes what is trendy. to me piling on walmart, the coolest thing to do in america is beat up on big corporations, like walmart, like mcdonald's. that is our point. when you see hollywood piling on, then it's cool to kick walmart while they're down. why is this? >> first of all i'm on team hashtag ashton here. reality not saying necessarily new we don't already know. over 800,000 walmart employees. melissa: you're on ashton's side? come on! >> i seen walmart. watched it first-hand next several years. 800,000 workers earning less than $20,000. you have walmart employees now being replac
FOX Business
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
. then of course at the end of the day without steve jobs we don't really have a market leader in terms of direction. we are getting jumping side to side and up and down and even from apple not a lot of consistency. at least with regard to the leaks and announcements. i don't know. we once again kind of need somebody to show this market direction. melissa: go ahead. >> i will say, yes, sure. i agree in the sense. i disagree in this is that we cannot go to town with every legal roomer. apple tries things out, they do prototypes. they have done less good at keeping secrets. now we get some of these leaks. not necessarily. i would point out the most interesting thing to me has been the increased use of sensors. that is extremely interesting. we can already see that they're moving in the direction of more sensors. i believe this is where they're going and believe that it will be very interesting to have more sensors on more facets. melissa: what does that mean for the consumer? that it can tell the difference between how hard you're pressing the surface? >> exactly. so when you think about
FOX Business
Nov 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
many times, you're gone. it is today's money talker. here with me imogen lloyd webber, steve olsher, and tyler abernathy. sounds barbaric, apparently 30% of companies do this. i was not aware the number was that high. 30% of fortune 500 companies do this. it makes sense, have to lay off 5% of your workforce during any period of time, don't you want to know who are the least effective workers? you're horrified! >> i can see you in finance, i sort of get that, any industry with little creativity, how? ge came up with the idea, they stopped using it now. microsoft stopped using it. expedia, stopped using it because they want to rehumanize relationship between management and workers. melissa: if you have a creative business, you know who the strong players are, who the average guys are and weak guys are. >> really what is the problem here? because the reality all you're going to do, you will cause more pier resentment than less. you're throwing everybody in teams, right? our team, what are you going to do? you're going to be a slacker. you will end up slacker. everybody is slacking, why
FOX Business
Nov 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >> if you knew someone was ripping someone off. >> my friend steve and knew these guys were getting inside information i believe -- >> you grew up in queens. are you telling me as you sit here that all these instances where he should have known -- you are a cop. >> i am telling you something right now. wherever he goes in the world he trades his own stock, sitting from 9:00 to 4:00, i can't talk to him, sitting in front of computers -- >> when you were a cop. >> he had these analysts and all that. >> you were a cop. when you were a cop and you saw place, you saw a possible illegal activity was going on, a lot of people getting busted you wouldn't, your sixth fence wouldn't say may be -- >> charlie -- >> it is a nice guy. >> all i see is a guy who is a smart businessman who looks at the evaluation of corporations, earnings and losses and all that. he sits in front of the computer -- >> i'm not saying he is a mobster but you busted mobsters. when you went after those guys, you saw criminal activity. >> how much criminal activity happens on 47st street with a guy not paying taxes? this is the
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)